Meet Ian Grodman

Conflict Resolution Professional | Mediator | Attorney


In all my years of practicing law, whether with a 40-attorney law firm with offices in two states, or as a solo practitioner, I was always struck by the fact that litigation often destroys relationships. While serving as an elected official in my hometown, my services were often requested to help resolve disputes among neighbors, and to help families with legal problems.


And so, after additional training, I found my niche and became a mediator.


Addressing conflict head on can be difficult. Sometimes, it’s easier to stand behind an attorney who is engaging in the conflict for you. While it’s rewarding to me, it’s far more rewarding to see parents who have been unable to even be in the same room together start working together to make plans for and raise their children cooperatively. Or three friends who own a business together and whose relationships have become so strained, leave the mediation room hugging and laughing with each other, with a renewed commitment to making the business a success. Or adult children who have not spoken for years due to disagreement about the care of an elderly parent, crying, laughing, telling stories, with a reinvigorated family connection.


I am committed to working with people toward productive, peaceful resolutions so relationships can be preserved rather than deteriorated through a lengthy legal process.

Turning Disputes Into Solutions